Surface Pattern Design

Are you interested in exclusive Print Designs for Textiles, Home Decor, Poster, Wrapping Paper or Stationery?

  • Flowery Spring
  • Kreise
  • Spiral Whirl 1
  • Spiral Whirl 4
  • Spiral Whirl 4
  • Science Fun
  • Kissen mit Feder
  • Kissen mit Dreiecken
  • Karos
  • Merry Christmas
  • Karos
  • Celebration

Then Ina Weissflog could help you!

You could use my designs in various areas:

  • for Home Decor, e.g. Curtains, Wall Paper, Bed linen, Cushions, Covers, Trays, Tablecloth, Napkins, Lamp Shades or Pictures
  • for Kitchen and Bathroom, e.g. Tea Towels, Aprons, Potholders, Tableware, Shower Curtains or Boxes
  • for Stationery, e.g. Cards, Wrapping Paper, Notebooks or Stickers
  • for new Design Comissions

Please send me an E-Mail, when you are interested in a cooperation.

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Would you like to look behind the scenes?

How are the patterns designed?

First I sketch the individual motif by hand. Then I either carve the motif in a block of rubber and print the motif on paper or fabric afterwards or I scan the drawn motifs and develop a pattern design on the computer. Out of this arise exclusive designs which can be deployed in various areas. The colourful patterns set statements in a kitchen, living room or an office for example.

About Ina Weissflog

As experienced designer for clothing and internet, I am now expanding my business to Surface Pattern Design.